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NOTE: only Assembly Members are able to participate in The Āyurveda Collective programs.

If you are not yet a member, don't worry, it's free to JOIN THE FAM.


Know yourself better. Become a Self-healer.

The Āyurveda Collective

Is a deep dive into Vedic Philosophy and practices.

By joining the āyurveda collective you will gain access to my newsletter full of āyurveda secrets, as well as library of "How-To" videos guided through t
he lense of āyurveda.

Topics include:


  • How To Design Your Ideal Day

  • How To Love on Your Body

  • How To Balance Bad Habits

  • How To Be Your Own Herbalist 

  • How To Understand Energetic Anatomy

  • How To Meditate

...and much more!

VIP Access is available for individuals who want 1:1 Individualized Sessions.

Learn more about what's possible: