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David McConaghay

Nature-Based Minister

IFS-Informed Āyurveda & Astrology

Master of Metaphysics


David is a former Division 1 athlete who has, so far, spent this lifetime learning to use diet, exercise, meditation and skillful self-talk to manage the existential anxiety and dreadful depression that he cannot remember being without.

His search for a coherent philosophical system to explain the apparent chaos of his inner cosmos led him to deeply devoted training in the Vedic Arts & Sciences, as well as expansive explorations through the holographic vastness of metaphysics, meditation and the mysterious essence of Nature.


Integrating cutting-edge astrophysics with timeless metaphors and elementary geometry, David offers clubs, courses and consults rooted in a multi dimensional worldview, a universal system of pattern recognition, which provides practical, daily applications for cosmic perspectives.


These days, David helps humans navigate ecological despair and geopolitical propaganda by sharing ideas and activities that allow resilient access to an experience of true belonging on this planet, within the cosmos, and to one's authentic Self.


  • The Immersion, a year-long journey featuring seasons focused on Ayurveda, IFS Astrology, Time and Energy Management, Dreamwork and the Wild Mind;

  • the Multi Dimensional Men's Club, a weekly meeting for men seeking authentic health, wealth and wisdom at every phase of our collective evolution;

  • 1:1 intensives lasting eight-weeks, customized for each individual, with potential emphasis on physical vitality, intuitive/emotional intelligence, romantic clarity and confidence, and the specific skills necessary to engage with subtle energetic entities;

  • Free Q&A Clinic, office hours open to the public via Zoom

  • Custom Ceremonial Design for major and minor life transitions, rites of passage, significant astrological transits, weddings, funerals and everything in between.


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