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A Personal Story of IFS-in-Action

Befriending previously abandoned internal parts

saved my psychological life.

The Essence of IFSS

Astrological archetypes enhance and

accelerate the Self-healing process

The One Thing That Changes Everything

The tone of your internal conversation reverberates infinitely.


"As someone who has been chronically codependent in ways that aren’t healthy, learning that I have the power to sit in my own heart and fill that heart with words like confidence, love, compassion and trust has been revelatory."


"I have hated meditation for the past several years, but something flipped. I feel my energy pull back into me. I've remembered to remember to do it in family situations, in dance, in dating. Energetically I feel so much more clean and clear and under control."


"I definitely more confident in dealing with stress and obstacles. I feel like I know more about what it means to be alive and practice intentional living and not find myself so confused by it all. This is really solidifying. I feel a lot more calm."


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