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Jonah Atwood

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jonah graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in January 2019. Since then, he has integrated a wide range of modalities to suit the bodymind dynamics present in each individual at the moment you make it to his table.

Jonah's multi dimensional approach to massage and bodywork is based on the realization that health is a participatory process. Practicing full presence, he facilitates your access to the subtle, internal awareness necessary for true self-healing.


Jonah's skill, strength and sensitivity is sought out by a wide variety of humans, including yogis, aerialists, runners and the Denver Broncos.


He enjoys ‘’getting the work done’’ transforming acute or chronic structural issues, or simply helping you to maintain a healthy body and happy mind.


  • Signature Bodywork (60 or 90 mins)

    • Fully integrated, multi-modality session customized to your specific emotional and physical needs that day

    • Dynamic Sports Massage

    • PNF or Therapist-assisted stretching for performance enhancement

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