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David Telfer McConaghay offers Animas-style,
IFS-informed Ayurveda & Astrology consultations designed to accelerate your evolution by waiting patiently for the appropriate moment to ask precisely the most pressing question.


If you feel ready to approach your evolutionary edge, or are perhaps already feeling flung far over it, a session with David can help to clarify the terrain and compose a coherent plan for how to progress gently in the direction of your preference.

This conversation may take many turns, but its path promises to connect a constellation of psycho-spiritual dots so that you walk away refreshed, reminded of deep emotional truths, reconnected to your authentic Self and confident about how to implement aligned action more-or-less immediately.


  • Multi Dimensional Time & Energy Management

  • Meditation & Mantra Training

  • Customized Ceremonial Design & Guidance

  • Personalized Archetype-assisted Storytelling

  • The eight-week 1:1 Process

  • The year-long Immersion

  • The Multi Dimensional Men's Club